Mental Health Training

I offer many different mental health training courses, catering for a wide range of requirements.

Standard Mental Health First Aid

The 12-hour Standard Mental Health First Aid course is for any interested adult. You will learn how to assist an adult who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, using a practical, evidence-based action plan.

MHFA Engaging Leaders

MHFA Engaging Leaders is a 90-minute session that provides information to senior leaders, decision-makers and influences about how MHFA can support mentally healthy workplaces.

MHFA Refresher

Refresher courses are 4 hour face-to-face courses that allow people who have previously completed a 12 hour Mental Health First Aid course to refresh their knowledge and skills. For people who are Accredited MHFAiders, the refresher courses offer an opportunity to extend their accreditation for a further 3 years.

MHFA for the suicidal person

The 4-hour Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person course is for any interested adult. You will learn the skills and acquire the knowledge required to safely have a conversation with a suicidal person.

Talking about Mental Health

Talking about Mental Health is a 4 hour workshop for employees that can be the first step to creating a mentally healthy workplace. Participants will learn how to recognise the early warning signs of workplace stress and mental illness and how to have a conversation with someone about their mental health. The impact of mental illness to the workplace, myths about mental illness and the benefits of early intervention strategies will be covered. This workshop can be customised and tailored to your workplace.

Let's Talk about Mental Health

During this 45 minute presentation, You will learn that mental health is more about wellness than illness. You will hear facts about how common mental health issues are and the overwhelming evidence of early intervention having the best outcomes for people. Understand the benefits of having positive mental health and the methods you can implement to improve it.

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